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Children love face painting!  And no wonder!  It’s art, it’s theater, it’s play, it’s transformation, it’s vibrant and colorful and fun.  They can be funny or beautiful or fierce or silly, whatever they choose.

You can hire ZapDazzle Studio Face Painting to come to your birthday party, festival, event, fundraiser, or celebration.


I offer a sliding scale.  You choose your own rate, within a certain range, depending on your budget!

I offer the same quality of service on all levels of the sliding scale.

Economy rate (for folks who want to economize) $50 -$75 an hour

Basic rate (for folks who feel fairly financially comfortable) $75 – $90 an hour

Support rate (for folks who would like to help make the sliding scale possible) $90 -$120 an hour

I book for an hour and a half minimum. I serve the Pioneer Valley area of Massachusetts and beyond.  Travel fees may apply outside the Pioneer Valley, but are negotiable.


Currently, the best way to book me for an event is to email me at zapdazzle@yahoo.com, and let me know the dates you are considering.  Please include “face painting” in the subject line.



About the Paint

I use Snazaroo face paint.  It has a child toy safety rating across its entire line of paint, and it washes off with water, soap, and a washcloth.



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